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ISLAMABAD: The opposition will submit the Senate Sadiq to the Resolution Senate today, the opposition has claimed support for 67 senators members in the Senate, while the government has the support of 36 members Senate.

According to details, the meeting of the senators of the opposition parties will be held under the chairmanship of Raja Zafarul Haq today. The opposition will submit the Senate today to the Senate in the Resolution Senate to remove the post.

One-fourth of the members will submit the movement to submit the Senate to the Senate, all the members will be issued concerts on the mentioned motion.

According to sources, the Senate meeting will be called 7 days after issuing the notice, the chairman will not be presided over by Senate, support of 26 senators will be required to approve the movement.

After the permission to present the movement, the secret will be on the resolution and the chairman Senate will be allowed to talk for 30 minutes, the majority will not remain on the Senate if the majority decide to remove.

At present, 103 members of 103 House are non-swearers who have 30 senators of PML-N without the unbelievers, opposition in the Senate has claimed support for 67 senators while the government has the support of 36 members Senate.