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ISLAMABAD: DIG Operation Islamabad, Waqaruddin Syed, said that the main accused of the murder case was Nisar.

According to the details, the DIG Operation Brarshaluddin, while pressing the press, said that the police had worked hard for the last night and arrested the main accused of the murder case.

DIG operation said that various teams were formed to arrest the accused of the case because it was a blind case.

Waqaruddin Syed said that the cases of abducted 2 children against the accused Nisar were registered, and the area was witnessed against the accused.

The DIG operation said that Zainab case took place in Kasur, it was the same high profile case, but it was a blender case, no DNA evidence was present.

He said that according to Frazik, the child has not been inaccessible, a person who walked with a child who touched the child, then the person's design was prepared in a technical way.

Clearly, a 10-year-old girl named Mohmand, who was kidnapped last month, was kidnapped last month, whose parents tried to file a case, but the police demonstrated the worst negligence, later the accused, the body of the nearby nearby jungle I threw.

In this case, hospital administration also refused to post-mortar and decided that time ends 6:30. Three suspects were arrested in the case.

The IG suspended the SHO on the negligence, the Prime Minister took notice, DSP Abid was suspended, commission was sent for judicial inquiry, told the Prime Minister's inquiry report. Police officers from the parents were cleaned up.

According to the report, the father's father, for the first time, was reported May 15, a case-related FIR was registered on May 19, the child's death was recovered on May 20.