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Washington - Iran has hit an American RQ-4A Global Hawk Detective drone in Hamburg. Earlier, President Trump announced that the United States is deploying more than one thousand US troops in the Middle East. These measures have increased the concern that the ongoing tension between the US and Iran can further intensify.

Talking to Voice of America, senior Fellow and Middle Eastern affairs expert Brokinges Institute, said that although these steps are a cause of concern. However, it is unlikely that both sides will try to increase stress.

According to Robert Ion Horn, however, the possibility of which can not be inadvertently emerged as a result of which a tension might take place as a regular military conflict. He referred to the statement of US Secretary of State Mike Pompio in which he said that if any American military was killed, Iran would have to pay its deduction. Will be

Irene Horne said that if Iran-supported militia in Iraq does not attack Iran or without its consent, it will make an attack on which the US military is harmful, then the US certainly is directly on Iran. Will be forced to attack. So, there is a real threat to the war.

Talking to Voice of America, another senior fellow of Brookings Institute, said that at present, President Trumpp is not right to attack Iran directly. But, in his administration, there are people like National Security Advisor John Bolton who are pushing directly on Iran. He said that at this time it is not clear whether there is a real threat to the war between the United States and Iran. However, we should be concerned about this.

Russia and China's role

In response to the question, what would be the role of Russia and China in a possible direct war, Robert Anne Horn said that Russia and China's interest is in the way that they are in direct way between America and Iran. Stop the possibility. Hadi Amar, speaking to Voice of America, agreed with Ion Horn, a diplomat who was honored to be the principal executive in the administration of the former Fellow of Brooklyn Institute and former President Obama. He said Russia and China both want stability in the Middle East. Therefore, these two countries will try to prevent the United States and Iran from any possible action. However, as well, Russia and America will also try to make an independent oil supply from Hammer.

Proxy war

According to Robert Ion Horn, there is a strong possibility that the Proxy war in the Middle East should be intensely intensely straightforward than the US and Iran.

He said that at present, Yemen is supporting Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, while the Hansis have been fully supported by Iran.

He said that such a situation can also be the case in countries such as Iraq.

However, Hadadi Ammard said that if it was believed that Iran had done the recent attack on oil tankers, it could create more intensity in the ongoing proxy war between the US and Iran in the Middle East.

Iran's potential impact on Iran's tension

Robert Ion Horne said that his tension is not likely to have immediate direct impact on Pakistan.

Hadadi Amar said that those countries who have traditionally imported oil from Iran or Pakistan are interested in the pressure due to American sanctions, because stress is more intensely because of their intensity. It's too hard to do.

However, he said that if a direct fight broke out between the two countries, Pakistan could face millions of refugees from Iran. He said that where Pakistan's economy can be severely harmed, Pakistan's positive efforts can also be affected for peace and stability in Afghanistan.