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ISLAMABAD: Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif says we signed a portfolio of 125 MW in Port Qasim, Hydro Power and other road projects with China. He rejected the budget 20-2019.

According to details, opposition leader Leader Shahbaz Sharif said in the meeting that God came to this opportunity to talk peace with the people, the people in the house have come from the public, they Demanding a new and public friendly budget by withdrawing the latest budget.

Shahbaz Sharif said that Speaker is heavy responsibility on the shoulders of the National Assembly, members are in the house and representation of their constituency is very important. Hopefully, members who are not present will attend their attendance.

Abhis said that during our meeting in Punjab Assembly, the storm was brutalized, the movement of Tehreek-e-Insaf's members who used to mislead and language was unacceptable. In 2013, the people selected the N League from their original votes.

The opposition leader said that our biggest challenge was to load shedding power from Musharraf's era, Musharraf played a role in starting the construction of Bhasha Dam. Land was not obtained for the Bhasha Dam and consulted with legal institutions. No funding arrangements were made for the Bhasha Dam.

He said that if we got the responsibility, electricity went 20-20 hours, did not come back. I came in emotions and said that in six months the load shedding will end, the whole nation will witness how the Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) came to container in 2014. The country's economy was tried to destroy.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the Chinese President was returning to Pakistan in September 2014. The Chinese Embassy and we requested a cease-fire for 3 days. It has been denied that we will not endanger, Chinese President had to postpone the visit. Due to the overthrow of the Chinese President, the president came after 7 months.

He said, who came to help us now? China helped us in the era of terrorism and power crisis. Nawaz Sharif made a deal with China. Port Qasim had a contract of 125 MW. Hydropower and other road projects were made. The agreements were criticized by Tehreek-e-Insaf on these agreements.

The opposition leader said that our power sector has been directly invested from China, once the trust is broken, it is not easy to restore it, despite all the uncomfortable circumstances we do not dare. There is no rumor of 11 thousand megawatts. Neilam Jhelum's project was primarily less than one billion dollars, now Nileam Jhelum's project has reached $ 5 billion. Nawaz Sharif-led projects save billions of rupees.

He said that all of our workers worked hard by bringing up the rate of inflation to 3%, in our age, 40 universities were established in 5 years and they were started. If the youth are not educated, the country can not progress. Presently, without education, traditional education will not work. China has signed, thousands of children and children will be graduated there.

Shahbaz Sharif said that we politically decided to fight terrorism, the institutions pursued terrorists and eliminated them. Armed forces give great sacrifices to protect the country from terrorism. The currency of the country which was behind us today is more than that of us, the Afghan currency is stronger than Pakistan's rupees today. We did not fix everything in the past or in the past 5 years.

He said on Charter of Economy, Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser said that the Charter of Economy could still be discussed. I'm ready to play the role of Charter of Economy.

Shahbaz Sharif rejected budget 20-2019 in the National Assembly. Imran Khan stood on the container and said that the budget will take 8 thousand billion, which can not target the target of 4 billion, how to accomplish the target of 5,500. Stand everywhere and say that the NL takes indirect taxes, today there are 70 percent tax tax in the target of Rs 5,500 billion.

He said we had kept 97 billion rupees for his budget in education, he reduced 20 billion rupees, our federal budget for health was 1113 billion, he made 1100 billion, Imran Khan said warlord made in 70 billion Is. It was said that we will apply money on health, education and industry. Then suddenly the BRT project was announced.