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Pakistan and India will play the most important match in the World Cup 2019 today.
Pakistan is the most important place in the tournament, and when it comes to cricket, there is more excitement. People of both countries are considered to be the walls of cricket. Pakistan's national game is hockey but cricket is Pakistan's most popular sport.
In the ICC Champions trophy final, Green and the strongest hit by the Indian team, Green is capable of doing anything, but if both teams are compared, the Indian team is in full form and India Can be called futurate
Pakistan has played a total of 920 one-day matches. Pakistan was the winner in 480 matches, suffered in 412 matches, 8 matches tie and 20 unbeaten. India has played a total of 968 one-day matches. In 502, India was the winner, 417 defeated in defeat, 9 matches tie and 40 remained unbeaten.
In the World Cup competitions, out of India, 48 of the winners of the 77-run matches were held in the 27th. A match was tie and a result. Pakistan played 74 matches in the World Cup competitions. The match in 41 took place and was defeated in 31, while 2 matches proved unbeaten.
Pakistan and India's diplomatic relations are not good enough, and these days also have deadlock in diplomatic-level relations, in such circumstances, the media of both the countries is trying to make the field of media field battle. The fans of both countries also see the match being called India India War and Cricket. Cricket is a game and should be considered sporting game. The players of both countries represent the representation of their own country and win the field and win the necklace, then it is part of the game, it is obvious that victory is a team of a team. I want to give a suggestion to the cricket fans of India and Pakistan: "Watching your team is better than breaking television and congratulations to presenting the winning team a good game."
Pakistan and India have so far been contestants in 131 one-day matches and Pakistan's heavy load. Pakistan won 73 and India in 54 matches, while 4 matches remained unbeaten. In the World Cup competitions, both the teams compete for 6 times and Pakistan could not defeat India in any match.
It will be decided today whether or not it will change history in Pakistan played on Sunday, but we have to change history and decide that cricket should be considered cricket and not war. Cricket series should start between the two countries as well. Rain will never be wasted in today's match, if so, the fans will be disappointed, but I wish India will defeat India and stabilize its position in mega event.