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Let's say Rakim Alhofar is the color of every era, because it is not because in every society of every century, some events have passed such that those who have become part of the history of the world, qualified scholars agree. It is said that Anas is involved in the tremendous fact that he has made some mistake, that's why history is full of good bad things about the book of humanity. The purpose of the lesson is to teach lessons and their future for tomorrow. To make better. Sorry, prejudice, all things and ideas are fine in their place, but there is no doubt that good deeds are also good due to forbidden material; instead of supporting truth and truth, attaining worldly brightness To prove false truth to the liar. Actually it is incredible to encourage and deceive lies. It is mandatory for the truth and truth that he is purely honest and honest; without regardless of what he is famous and reputable, he can not run away from the knowledge of truth on truth and truth. . The scholars say that greed in human beings is like circulating blood in the body, man has accepted the necessity of his money. This is the reason why the people of all ages have been compelled to pay money, while today's life takes a breathing breath, it appears to be such a drought in materialism as it has ended in the disadvantaged nature and the badness of good evil. The hope and hope of money and money has become a joke of the century.